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Professor Morris Brown

Professor Morris Jonathan Brown


Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Cambridge;
Honorary Consultant Physician, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust;
Fellow of Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge.
Tel: 01223 336743

Research Description

Mechanisms of low-renin hypertension. Research is conducted in patients and on the adrenal tissue collected from his patients with adrenal cause of hypertension (Conn's syndrome and phaeochromocytoma). He is leading a British Heart Foundation funded programme of three trials investigating the role of renin measurement in the routine management of hypertension. Other current research projects include evaluation of 11C-metomidate scanning for lateralisation of Conn's adenomas. He was awarded the Lilly Gold Medal of the British Pharmacological Society (2002), and the Walter Somerville Medal of the British Cardiac Society (2006). His introduction of the AB/CD rule, and innovations in management of phaeochromocytoma and Conn's syndrome, led to the Hospital Doctors' Award in 2003. In 2008 he co-hosted the International Symposium on Phaeochromocytoma in Cambridge.

Current Research Support

  • British Heart Foundation Special Project Grant SP/08/002, A Programme for Prevention And Treatment of Resistant Hypertension With Algorithm based TherapY (PATHWAY). £1,740,984, 1.10.08-30.9.2013, (multicentre award to British Hypertension Society Research Working Party).

  • British Heart Foundation Project Grant, Hypertension due to Conn's adenoma – the localisation of adrenal cortical adenomas by 11C –metomidate PET scanning following dexamethasone and fludrocortisone suppression. £168,395, 1.12.08-31.3.11.

  • NIHR, Senior Investigator Award, £60,000, 1.4.08-31.3.2012.

  • Wellcome Trust, Interdisciplinary Training Programme for Clinicians in Translational Medicine & Therapeutics at the University of Cambridge, £2.75M, 1.1.2009-31.12.2014 (with matching funding from GlaxoSmithKline).

Recent Publications